Challenges of using real world data in research and clinical trials

Preserving Patient Data Privacy and Security in the Face of Cyber Attacks

The benefits of leveraging real world data and evidence in clinical research and trials

Unlocking insights: how real world data is shaping clinical research and trials

Facilitating the establishment of high-quality patient registries

Lifebit CEO, Dr. Maria Dunford, Accompanies Greek Prime Minister on Trade Visit to India

Lifebit Empowers Pharma Industry with Unprecedented Access to Multi-Omic and Health Data from Over 100 Million Patients Worldwide

Lifebit announces expansion into Asia Pacific and Japan

Four key benefits of using patient registries to progress rare disease insights

Creating research-ready data from 135,000 cancer, rare disease & COVID-19 participants

Celebrating International Day of Women and Girls in Science

Health data analysis platforms for all: empowering novice and advanced users for maximum insights

New webinar series helps researchers get results from data

What's limiting AI in transforming research and drug discovery? And how can we solve these problems?

Leveraging AI for target validation in drug discovery

The Future of Target Validation: Genomic Data Webinar Report

The four key requirements of patient registry software

Challenges facing patient registries in the US

What are patient registries, and why are they important?

Future for drug development lies in Drug Discovery 2.0

The ultimate application of precision medicine? The role of secure data federation in newborn genomic screening for rare diseases

What are the current challenges of drug discovery?

Drug discovery 2.0 - revolutionizing the quest for innovative drugs through data-driven insights

Closing the gap in health data diversity to benefit patients and produce global insights

Targeting cancer through large-scale data analysis

Data Harmony Webinar Report

Health data standardisation: an integral part of end-to-end data analysis

Lifebit celebrates 75 years of the National Health Service in England

7 clinical challenges surrounding health data standardisation (and how to overcome them)

Technical challenges and solutions to enable health data standardisation

Seven benefits health data standardisation brings to researchers, clinicians and patients

What is health data standardisation and why is it important?

Data Diversity in Genomics - report on Lifebit's recent webinar

Better together: the promise of health data linkage and its challenges

Lifebit partners with Latin American innovators to help solve global health challenges through genomics research

Transforming health data access, standardisation and analysis in 2023: Spotlight on Dr. Pablo Prieto

Lifebit at the British High Commission in Singapore

Lifebit and Flatiron Health announce partnership to accelerate cancer data research

Celebrating the role of data in clinical trials - an interview with Karl Quinn

Lifebit joins international business leaders with French President Emmanuel Macron at Choose France Summit 2023

First Steps to a Healthier Future: Newborn Genomic Sequencing in the Detection of Disease

Lifebit contributes to report on global accessibility of genomic medicine

Lifebit Partners With Genomics England to Standardise Clinical and Genomic Data for Research

Key Features of a Trusted Research Environment

Celebrating International Women’s Day #EmbraceEquity

PlumCare RWE partners with Lifebit on Greece’s newborn genomic sequencing program, BeginNGS

What is a Trusted Research Environment?

8 Advantages of Using a Trusted Research Environment in Healthcare Research & Data Management

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