New webinar series helps researchers get results from data

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This week Lifebit is launching a new webinar training series for researchers to learn how Lifebit’s solutions can transform research, accelerate results and provide new data insights. 

Created exclusively for registered users of the Lifebit platform, these webinars will teach best practices and share tips on solving some of the most common data challenges; from creating cohorts, preparing genomic data files, running population genetics analyses and pipeline development. 


Rosie Davies, Principal User Success Manager, said: 

“At Lifebit, we’re committed to giving our users the best support and training available to enable their research. We recognise the complexity of working with large scale clinical and multi-omic data, and our end-to-end solution is proven to deliver fast and accurate results for the research community. This is an exciting opportunity for our users to drop into short (30 minute) regular sessions, learn tips and ask questions.”


If you are a registered user of the Lifebit platform you can learn more about the webinar series here


If you are not already a registered user and you are interested in learning how the Lifebit Platform can solve your data challenges, speak to one of our experts.


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