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We empower Data Custodians to make their biomedical data findable and usable for Data Consumers.

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Make your biomedical data easily accessible and securely usable in your environment. Accelerate breakthroughs and cure diseases.

Connect to the world’s otherwise locked up data to obtain novel therapeutic insights.

Accelerate target discovery & validation to as little as a few months & bring your life-saving drugs to market faster

Protect your sensitive health data with best-in-class security procedures

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Lifebit Platform

Unlock the value of health data through our
next-generation technology and end-to-end solutions

“I am incredibly excited that Lifebit and AWS joined us to launch the next phase of our research capabilities.“

Beyond the immediate focus on COVID-19, the advanced capabilities of the Lifebit and AWS environment will allow us to introduce contemporary bioinformatic workflows for researchers in rare disease and cancer research.

Chris Wigley

Chris Wigley, CEO of Genomics England



Next-generation precision medicine solution



From clinico-genomic data harmonization and setting up the infrastructure, to enabling research and clinical insights, Lifebit guides organisations through the entire process.

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Align your data landscape & research needs, shape your data acquisition strategy & realise the potential of your data.



Blueprinted, future-proofed infrastructure giving you the competitive advantage. Your federated architecture & cloud specialists.



From Nextflow to advanced federated AI – answer your research questions by building simple, yet powerful, workflows in the language of your choice.



Become part of the world’s largest federated network, gain competitive advantage & create commercially sustainable solutions.

How our platform has helped others


The advanced capabilities 
of Lifebit’s Trusted Research Environment, coupled with our focus to reimagine the infrastructure of cancer care, will enable us to unlock the potential 
of cancer data.”

I am incredibly excited that Lifebit and AWS joined us to launch 
the next phase of our research capabilities.

By sharing their wealth of expertise in genomics and biodata science, and empowering our scientists with the technology and skills to leap-forward our research, Lifebit demonstrated it is the industry leader providing true end-to-end solutions that embrace all community standards.


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Precision Medicine Community23 Event

At the Precision Medicine Community Event on 18 December 2023 in London, leaders shared the latest advances in genomics, personalized medicine and drug discovery, highlighting the value of secure access to diverse data and the ongoing importance of earning and building public and patient trust.


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Latest news & research insights

Lifebit announces expansion into Asia Pacific and Japan

Lifebit announces expansion into Asia Pacific and Japan

Four key benefits of using patient registries to progress rare disease insights

Four key benefits of using patient registries to progress rare disease insights

Creating research-ready data from 135,000 cancer, rare disease & COVID-19 participants

Creating research-ready data from 135,000 cancer, rare disease & COVID-19 participants


Federated Data Analysis

Lifebit's mission is to create a world where access to biomedical data will never again be an obstacle to curing diseases. We provide genomics and health data software, empowering organisations across the globe to transform how they securely and safely leverage sensitive biomedical data.


Trusted Research Environment

Lifebit is committed committed to solving the most challenging problems in precision medicine, genomics and healthcare through our solutions to enabling safe and secure access to genomic and biomedical data. With our Trusted Research Environment, approved researchers are safely and securely accessing high-quality, diverse data to enable research breakthroughs.

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Health Data Standardisation

Trusted by leading research and healthcare organisations across the world, Lifebit's automated data standardisation process is transforming data to common models, such as OMOP, to enhance the usability and interoperability of clinical and biomedical data. This is supporting researchers to leverage the full depth and scale of data and the ability to combine and link data sources.