Popgen:Live Recap: Behind-The-Scenes of Genomics England's New Research Environment

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National initiatives and biobanks have been driving the genomics transformation for years – however these efforts have been fraught with major challenges as biomedical data grows exponentially, including usability, commercial and security challenges. However, the greatest challenge faced by these initiatives is the fact that data is becoming more siloed and distributed than ever before.  

Lifebit has launched a new webinar series, PopGen:Live, which brings together the global population genomics community through interactive and educational content to address and solve these challenges together. 

Our premier event was an astounding success and brought together over 100+ individuals from around the world, prepared with engaging questions. The event featured Genomics England CCO Parker Moss and Lifebit CEO Dr. Maria Chatzou Dunford who shared their insights and lessons learned from the world’s first fully-live federated Research Environment.

During the webinar, our guests covered a variety of topics, including:

  • Bridging the gap between usability and security, thereby maximising the use of data
  • Providing a fully self-serve environment, while maintaining data firmly within Genomics England’s environment
  • The importance of federating across datasets and applications
  • Enabling global collaboration across international population genomics initiatives

If you have missed our exciting first event, don’t fret! You can now view the recording by requesting access below.


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