Lifebit Selected by EHDEN to Accelerate Health Data Mapping

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As part of the EHDEN network, Lifebit will support a diverse ecosystem of European institutions in performing mappings and harmonising their clinical data, and will actively contribute to EHDEN’s large-scale, federated network of OMOP CDM standardised data sources.

The coordinated efforts of the network will result in more efficient management and utilisation of data, in addition to providing a new paradigm for the discovery and analysis of health data in Europe – which will ultimately benefit the health of citizens.

Despite having the data in place, patients today are suffering because we are not able to harmonise and tap into the potential of real-world data to support clinicians, payers, regulators, and the pharmaceutical industry. Lifebit is proud to join the EHDEN initiative to support the European-wide initiative to build a federated network of standardised data sources to accelerate discovery and patient care.

Frank Seo, Lifebit General Manager

EHDEN’s aspirations are significant, aiming to harmonise 100+ million anonymised health records over five years across multiple hospitals, primary care networks, regional databases, and others while developing a durable and sustainable network of mutual research interests. 

For more information, please visit the EHDEN website.