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Lifebit provides diverse datasets and workflows that allows researchers to collaborate – from accelerating crucial cancer research to improving personalized medicine with real-world data. Notably, we partner with prominent institutions such as Genomics England and Danish National Genome Center.



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Lifebit provides secure access to a global network of data from biobanks, universities, pharma and healthcare providers so that researchers can better understand clinical outcomes of human health and disease research with genomics data. Lifebit enables researchers to securely analyze the entire genome of a patient to diagnose diseases or adjust medications.
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Lifebit provides a data-driven process to drug discovery that targets discovery and validation, bringing life-saving drugs to market faster. Lifebit provides secure access to global health data sets that can accelerate drug discovery and personalized medical treatments. Data sets include the world’s most extensive network of federated, standardized, real-world, genomic, deep phenotype, and longitudinal data.

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Lifebit empowers users to gain secure access to disparate, diverse health data sets worldwide to power new insights. We offer a data catalog that enables cross-cohort federation to a global network of data.
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Lifebit drives research that centers patients while protecting privacy. Lifebit allows researchers to collect a variety of data including clinical, imaging and free text notes. Clinicians can recruit, enroll patients and obtain their consent via integrated forms on the Platform. Once patients are enrolled, the data can be made available across other modules in the Lifebit Platform for further analysis so that researchers can better understand patient data.
Lifebit Benefits
Lifebit provides a variety of benefits for healthcare researchers.


Administrators can submit applications for access to external data, and manage data subscriptions (internal and external).



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