Lack of data standardization is limiting research progress

Data for health research comes in a wide range of sources. Combined with variability in how data is stored create challenges for researchers preparing data for analyses


of all hospital data is going untouched


of health data users don’t have the expertise to easily standardize data


of data scientists’ time is spent cleaning and organizing data

Only with the right data, you avoid going from…




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We believe that all data that can be used to cure diseases, should be used.

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Lifebit's Data Factory is used by leading organizations in health & life sciences to accelerate discoveries

It is harnessing the power of data for Genomics England, the UK government’s flagship initiative to improve the genomic health of the population, and is accelerating research insights for academia, healthcare and pharmaceutical companies across the world.

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Lifebit Partners With Genomics England to Standardise Clinical and Genomic Data for Research



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