Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Entrepreneurship

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Date: 28 June 2024


Author: Lucy Power


Lifebit proudly participated in the prestigious Marie Claire Power Trip 2024, held in Greece, where our CEO, Dr. Maria Dunford, participated in discussions on the future of entrepreneurship and the impact of artificial intelligence.

Lina Tsaltampasi, President of the Greek Association of Women Entrepreneurs, moderated the panel discussion "Business Trends 2024: What Makes Us Human—Sustainability, Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Entrepreneurship." Other featured speakers included Lifebit's CEO Maria, Alessandra Delfini, General Director of L'Oréal Hellas – Sustainability and Athena Pachatouridi, Strategic Sales Leader for Central and Eastern Europe, Amazon Web Services.

Lifebit CEO Dr. Maria Dunford and other panelists speaking at the Marie Claire Power Trip 2024, discussing AI, sustainability, and the future of entrepreneurship.

During the panel discussion, Maria shared her insights on future trends in technology and AI and their impact on industry. Maria stressed how these future trends will open up new opportunities in the market and enable women entrepreneurs to create roles for themselves in specialities that currently do not exist.

“The increase in Artificial Intelligence across different industries will create new sectors and specialities, which will be perfect for women entrepreneurs. I don’t believe people will lose their jobs. In fact I think it will open up the job market and enable women to take on more leadership roles. I’m particularly excited about these future opportunities for my young daughter.”

The discussion focused on the intersection of sustainability, artificial intelligence and the future of entrepreneurship. Maria emphasised the integration of AI with human expertise to drive innovation and foster new opportunities in the biotech industry and beyond.

Marie Claire Power Trip 2024 was a remarkable event that highlighted the synergy between technology and human potential. Lifebit is honoured to be at the forefront of these transformative discussions, championing the role of AI in creating a sustainable and innovative future.


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