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All data solutions. One place.

Everything you need to
transform data to insights.

Manage data
Analyze data
Lifebit Connect Data Catalog
Enable Pharma & Biotech to discover your data products.
Lifebit Data Factory
Harmonize and standardize clinico-genomic data
Lifebit Patient Management
Transform clinical trials with Lifebit’s advanced Patient Registry.
Lifebit Data Science
Search your data, create targeted cohorts & perform interactive analyses in Jupyter Notebooks & R-Studio.
Lifebit Advanced Analytics
Execute batch processes, dockerized containers, and Nextflow pipelines.
Lifebit Target ID
Leverage data & AI for target validation & accelerate R&D milestones.
Lifebit Advanced Analytics
Supercharge running Nextflow pipelines for advanced data analyses.
Lifebit Clinical Interpretation
Transform clinical insights with Lifebit’s clinical variant interpretation module.
Lifebit Airlock
Keep data within your environment, manage data access & approve result exports.


Trusted Research Environment
Multimodal Analysis
Deployment of AI/ML Solutions
End-to-End Genetics Testing


The only federated trusted research environment that ensures superior data security and compliance with your data never leaving your own cloud environment or tenancy. 


The world's largest federated data network with 100M+ patients. Standardize internal & external data to enable rapid cohort browsing and cutting-edge research. 


Regulatory-grade environment using your own infrastructure (on premise or cloud agnostic) ensuring your data never leaves. Built with end-to-end security by design.

Lifebit has the blueprint for the world's best Trusted Research Environment, implementing the five safes framework for ultimate data security

Only authorised analysts or researchers can access the data

Data management platforms need a transparent application process

Data management platforms must keep the data securely in-place, create an abstraction layer

Data needs to stay in-place, be de-identified

Data management platforms need a robust and transparent process

Multimodal production scale analysis

Primary & Secondary Analysis

Identify biomarkers and specific genes

Key Features:

  • Multi-language workflow support
  • Comprehensive germline, somatic, and RNA analysis
  • Intelligent workflow reuse
  • Command Line Interface (CLI), Graphical User Interface (GUI), and Software Development Kit (SDK)
  • Extensive bioinformatics tool library

Tertiary Analysis

Integrate Genomic and Phenotypic Data for Deeper Insights

Key Features:

  • JupyterLab & RStudio notebooks for advanced data analysis
  • Scalable Cohort Browser and Advanced Analytics modules for comprehensive data exploration
  • Seamless integration with variant interpretation tools

Multi-Omics Insights

Enhance Insights by Integrating Imaging, Proteomics, Transcriptomics, and Genomics

Key Features:

  • Structured database for germline, somatic, and RNA expression data
  • Comprehensive organization of phenotypic and medical data
  • Linkage of medical and molecular data for holistic analysis

Build cohort populations

for your AI/ML projects.

Build predictive models

using cohort multimodal data in an AI/ML interactive environment (e.g. sagemaker/jupiter notebook)

Train or fine-tune

your predictive models using Federated ML over distributed data

Accelerate Test Development

Get high-performance infrastructure to swiftly develop, edit, and run pipelines, using a wide selection of pre-packaged, custom, and shared bioinformatic tools.

Seamless Testing and Deployment

Improve workflow and collaboration by deploying linked R&D production environments, allowing for seamless transitions and quick scaling with on-demand compute resources.

Optimize Operations and Minimize Costs

Gain significant cost savings throughout the data lifecycle, from storage to analysis, ensuring efficient and economical operations.

Maximize Data Value Strategically

Facilitate collaboration and data sharing with both internal and external stakeholders while maintaining stringent data privacy and security compliance, driving strategic insights and innovation.

Segment Solutions

A broad range of use cases across segments


Precision medicine data platform for multi model
data management and analysis.

Multi-Omics data management

NGS Data Processing

Target Identification &

PK/PD Modeling
Label Expansion

Patient Subtyping

Controlled Data Access &

Bioinformatics platform enabling sample-to-insights at scale.

NGS Data Processing

New Test Development

Production NGS

Internal R&D

Controlled Data Access & Sharing

Data Commercialization

Integrated platform for storage, computing and multi-omics analysis

Multi-Omics data mangement

Population Genomics

Cohort Analysis

Controlled Data Access and Sharing

Data Commercialization

Secure and controlled distribution channel for clinicogenomic and real-world data

Controlled Data Access & Sharing

Data Commercialization

Trusted research environment enabling controlled access to biomedical data.

Controlled Data Access & Sharing

Population Genomics

Cohort Analysis

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Securely protecting your sensitive biomedical data

End-to-End Data Governance and Security by Design

based on the most advanced federated architecture in the industry

Seamless integrations

and many more...

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