Transforming Genomics Through 2022 & Beyond: Spotlight on Brian Longo

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Divya Narasimhan, MSc

Divya Narasimhan, MSc

A growing number of governments, pharmaceutical companies and research organisations are choosing Lifebit for its secure, cutting-edge platform and visionary team.

Lifebit is pleased to spotlight Brian Longo, who has joined as Lifebit’s Executive Strategic Advisor. Responsible for guiding the design and execution of Lifebit’s rapidly scaling operating models and processes, Brian’s role will be critical to ensure consistent growth and scalability. 

Brian brings to Lifebit 20+ years of experience in setting corporate strategy and transforming market engagement across the IT and software industries. A highly sought after veteran in customer relationship marketing, Brian has consistently delivered radical client engagement models, redefining how pharma engages with the market through his cloud-based customer-centred solutions. 

Brian joined the cloud computing powerhouse, Veeva Systems, at the inception of the company as its 10th employee. There he played a key role in driving the company’s global market and portfolio of commercial and R&D  products, leveraging his deep expertise in innovating products and services aligned to the market. Brian’s phenomenal success with Veeva CRM, a cloud-based technology that has transformed customer relationship marketing in life sciences, launched Veeva to the forefront of pharma. 

Following his successes in CRM, Brian held roles as General Manager and Senior Vice President for Veeva’s Clinical Data Management (EDC) and Safety product lines, where he oversaw the organisation’s internal operations and drove global market engagement for the new business units he instituted, laying the foundation for their strategy, sales, products and services. Brian has also held key advisory roles at multiple enterprise software companies such as Karat, an industry leader that pioneered a cloud-based platform technology for the IT sector. 

“We are thrilled to welcome Brian onboard,” said Dr Maria Chatzou Dunford, Lifebit CEO. “With more than a decade’s worth of experience in aligning software products to market need, Brian has been a trailblazer in innovative cloud technologies. Brian’s passion for growth and extreme delivery aligns closely with Lifebit’s core values and we look forward to working with him as we scale Lifebit’s operations globally.”  

Brian’s vast experience across healthcare technology companies, coupled with his passion for the life sciences, promises to cement Lifebit as the market leader for precision medicine software.

“To me, it’s about being able to help an organisation operate in a space I care about a lot,” says Brian. “For the first time ever, we have the [clinico-genomic] data, but face a different problem of siloed data banks (fragmented data that only a restricted few researchers can access). So federation is the next wave of innovation. And that’s the special thing about Lifebit- the technology is in the right market and customer space, and the problem we’re solving is unique.” 

Lifebit’s CloudOS precision medicine platform has been adopted by the leaders in national precision medicine initiatives and pharma, including Boehringer Ingelheim, Genomics England and the Danish National Genome Center. The next step in Lifebit’s trajectory is creating a superstructure for the company’s organisational elements to function cohesively. Brian’s focus will be on strengthening Lifebit’s throughput, quality, repeatability, and most importantly, client-centric marketing relationships. 

“It needs to be a well-oiled machine, with a repeatable process that allows growth and scale,” explains Brian. “How do you structure your software organisation and interact with customers? The most critical piece [of this puzzle] is to have a scalable organisation.”

A well-devised planning and execution framework is also key. “Execution is something Lifebit does well – it’s just a matter of how fast you can react, and how you adjust to make it work.” Brian concludes.

If you’d like to learn more about what Lifebit is doing to bring precision medicine to life, get in touch with us here.