Lifebit at the British High Commission in Singapore

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Amanda White

Amanda White

12 July 2023


This week Lifebit was honoured to participate in a symposium jointly organised by the British High Commission and the Singapore Health Technologies Consortium in Singapore; Improving Health outcomes through Trusted Data Exchange and Artificial Intelligence. 


Attended by policy makers, regulators, digital health innovators, healthcare professionals, academia and industry, the symposium showcased the latest developments in AI for healthcare. 

Lifebit’s Chief Business Development Officer Thorben Seeger presented a talk on the global opportunity for scaling precision medicine through data federation. Thorben highlighted examples of how organisations including Genomics England and Boeringher Ingleheim are enabling secure data access and analysis through federation.

At a separate evening reception, hosted by the Deputy Secretary for Technology of the Ministry of Health at the British High Commission in Singapore, Lifebit’s CEO Dr Maria Dunford gave a speech about newborn genomic screening initiatives. She discussed the opportunity for international collaboration to accelerate diagnoses for the 6% of babies born each year with a rare, genetic disease. 

Maria commented: “Newborn genome screening initiatives, where early detection using global federated data is combined with intervention and therapeutic advancements to truly save newborn babies lives, is perhaps the ultimate application of precision medicine.”

The event brought together colleagues from the UK and Singapore to share updates on national strategies for population health and precision medicine, health inequalities, and the use of health data and artificial intelligence (AI) as technology enablers for improving health and saving lives. 


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