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Forecasting the future of genomic management

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The past, present and future of genomic data


Worldwide, large population genomics sequencing projects are being established to implement population-level genomic medicine. 

With these projects comes huge amounts of genomic data, which requires careful management to ensure this data remains secure yet accessible and analysable to researchers worldwide.

In this whitepaper, we discuss how large-scale genomic data is managed by researchers and organisations today and the challenges these current methods face. This includes the sheer size and complexity of the datasets, changing regulatory landscapes and the distributed nature of the data.

We consider new approaches and technologies that are being adopted to ensure genomic data management is effectively future-proofed going forward.

To understand how organisations can overcome these issues, we discuss the roles of:

  • trusted research environments (TREs) and federated data analysis in allowing secure data access 
  • data standardisation and cloud computing in enabling data to be safely combined
  • low/no-code tools and their ability to help democratise secure data access globally


Download our full white paper to discover in more detail Lifebit’s approach to future-proofing genomic data management.


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