Guest speaker:

Parker Moss
CCO, Genomics England (GEL)

Join GEL’s CCO Parker Moss and Lifebit CEO Dr Maria Chatzou Dunford as they share their insights and lessons learned from Genomics England’s next-gen Research Environment which rings in a new model for the industry. Come away with a blueprint you can apply in your own biobank or PopGen initiative today.

Previous solutions that tried to deal with the massive amounts of data generated by biobanks were woefully inadequate and fraught with usability, commercial and security challenges. Biomedical data is not only growing exponentially – it is becoming more siloed and distributed than ever before. This remains the greatest challenge faced by biobanks.

We are thrilled to offer this premier webinar to bring you an exclusive view into how Genomics England solved those formidable challenges with a pioneering federated approach to give flexible access to their growing, diverse data, enabling true collaboration across disparate datasets and teams, while guaranteeing Fort Knox-grade data security. We will discuss how this approach is bringing the industry together and opens the door to a future of joint cohort analysis.

Key points you will learn

  • How you can guarantee Fort Knox-grade security for growing data while enabling cutting edge research for everyone, no matter where they are
  • The three things pharma & academic researchers need above all
  • How to future-proof: Understand how the industry is moving towards joint analysis and what is required to be part of it across your data and distributed external data & cohorts

Featuring key experts

Parker Moss
Parker Moss
Parker heads up strategic relationships in the biopharma sector, the NHS and academia for Genomics England. Previously, Parker served as a member of the executive team at Owkin, an AI/ML Cancer Research company focused on federated learning. He was CTO in the NHS, with technology leadership roles at Great Ormond Street and Virgin Care.
Dr. Maria Chatzou Dunford
Dr. Maria Chatzou Dunford
Maria is a biotech innovator with unique expertise in bioinformatics, medical informatics, HPC, Machine Learning and AI. Maria has founded two companies: Innovation Forum Barcelona and Lifebit. At the Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG) in Barcelona, Maria designed tools and methods to facilitate the analysis of big biomedical data, enabling biological discoveries and promoting personalised medicine.