Precision Medicine Community Event

Bringing together partners in healthcare, industry and academia, this event on 18 December 2023 showcased the latest innovations in national precision medicine initiatives. 

Live from London and online the Precision Medicine Community Event created new partnerships to accelerate the secure use of health and biomedical data in research to save lives.

Recordings from the day are available below on demand.  

Keynote | Rebecca Cosgriff | NHS England

Rebecca Cosgriff, Head of Strategy for the Data for R&D programme at NHS England discusses the vital work to create a world-leading health data research infrastructure that enhances patient care, sustains the NHS and supports innovation.

Keynote | Augusto Rendon | Genomics England

Dr Rendon discusses the delivery of population scale whole genome sequencing initiatives across England. Augusto leads the service that populates, develops and maintains Genomics England’s National Genomics Research Library as chief Bioinformatician.

Keynote | Pablo Prieto | Lifebit

Lifebit's CTO, Dr Pablo Prieto-Barja, gave an overview of the Lifebit Platform version 2.0 demonstrating solutions for advanced federated analytics, automated data standardization, cohort building & collaboration across distributed datasets

Panel Discussion | Data Diversity

Dr Maxine Mackintosh, Diverse Data Programme Lead, Genomics England, Victor Angel-Mosti, Founder and CEO, and Prof Tábita Hünemeier, Co-Founder, gen-t shared insights on maximizing the use of diverse data to ensure equity in genomic medicine.

Keynote | Thomas Kandl | Boehringer Ingelheim

Thomas Kandl, Healthcare Data Officer at Boehringer Ingelheim, discusses the challenges in securely accessing global datasets for drug discovery and his work to transform and manage information and data assets to create and sustain digital strategies.

Panel Discussion | Data Harmonization

Health data experts Lucia Groizard, Flatiron Health; Prabhu Arumugam, Genomics England; and Christina Chatzipantsiou, Lifebit; discuss how data harmonization can accelerate research and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

Keynote | Serena Nik-Zainal | University of Cambridge

Serena Nik-Zainal, Professor of Genomic Medicine and Bioinformatics at University of Cambridge shares her novel insights on how population data and have uncovered the causes of cancer.

Keynote | Victor Angel-Mosti |

Watch Victor Angel-Mosti, CEO and Founder of, discuss how a community of physicians, patients and researchers are working together to build a new healthcare paradigm in Latin America. Victor highlighted the critical issue of data bias in genomics & missed scientific opportunities.

Panel Discussion | Newborn Genomic Screening

Watch the panel session with world leading experts in genomics Dr Petros
Tsipouras, MD, CEO of Plumcare and Dr David Bick, MD, Principle Clinician at Genomics England on the opportunities of newborn genomic sequencing.

Keynote | Maria Dunford | Lifebit

Lifebit CEO, Dr Maria Dunford, is an industry disruptor with a passion for precision medicine and drug discovery. Maria’s keynote set the stage for a future where data-driven approaches revolutionize drug discovery, accelerate breakthroughs and ultimately reshape the landscape of global healthcare.

Keynote | Adam Manhi | Flatiron

Adam leads healthcare ecosystem strategy and partnerships at Flatiron Health to realise a vision of learning from the experience of every cancer patient. He discussed the challenges of accessing and using cancer patient information.

Panel Discussion | Power of Real-World Data

Panellists Paul Agapow, GSK; Dr Thomas Kandl, Boehringer Ingelheim; Dr David Kavanagh, Genuity Science and Dr Anne Deslattes Mays explored the power of real-world data for drug discovery.

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