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9 February 2023

Worldwide, thousands of children are born with rare genetic conditions that severely affect their quality of life. This evening reception brought together senior leaders from healthcare, academia, industry and charities to celebrate and discuss the first steps of the Greek Genome Project - a pioneering genomic sequencing programme in Greece. Using whole genome sequencing, the project aims to diagnose diseases and identify treatment options before symptoms begin, a major advance over current practices that focus on children who are already critically ill. 

Find out more about our work to support this important initiative with our partner Plumcare RWE in our press release and watch our highlights video from the event. 

February 9 2023
Evdomos City Loft
Karageorgi Servias 4
Syntagma Square, Athens
105 62
Newborn Genomic Sequencing
Lifebit Speakers

Over 65 senior representatives from Greek government, healthcare, academia, industry and patient groups came together to celebrate the first steps of the Greek genome project. Co-hosted by Lifebit with our partner Plumcare RWE, the event was an opportunity to learn about the ambitious goals of the programme. 

The agenda included talks from leaders in Greek government and healthcare, genetic scientists and clinicians, bioinformaticians and national patient groups.

Dr Maria Dunford, Lifebit’s CEO explained how the sensitive genomic data would be held securely and safely and made available for research to enable new treatments for rare diseases.

Read our press coverage: Article in Protothema (Greek national newspaper)




″Lifebit will provide the platform that will give safe access to the data so they can be used for diagnosis as well as drug discovery insights. ″

Dr Maria Dunford, Lifebit’s CEO
Evdomos City Loft
Karageorgi Servias 4
Syntagma Square, Athens
105 62
A short walk from Syntagma Square in Central Athens.
Vassilis Kontozamanis
Special Advisor to the Prime Minister of Greece
Dr Dimitris Thanos
Academy of Athens
Dr Stephen Kingsmore
President/CEO of Rady Children’s Institute for Genomic Medicine
Dr Petros Tsipouras
CEO at PlumCare RWE
Dr Maria Chatzou Dunford
CEO of Lifebit
Dimitrios Athanasiou
International patient advocate in Duchenne and in rare diseases
Dr Theoklis Zaoutis
President of National Public Health Organization
Dr Athina Ververi
Clinical Geneticist, Papageorgiou Hospital, Thessaloniki
Panagiotis Karampinis
Managing Director, Endevour Greece

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