14 December 2022

A Christmas Celebration of our Growing Community. 

In December, 2022 Lifebit celebrated its first partner holiday gathering with a festive Christmas celebration highlighting the growth of our community. The evening began with hot roasted chestnuts and was followed by exceptional musical performances, captivating live acts, and inspiring speeches. The evening was a testament to the strong partnership between Lifebit and its affiliates over the past year, leaving a lasting impression on all who attended.

December 14 2022
18 Address Lane,
London, EC12 7SB
Lifebit Partners
Holiday Celebration
Charity Giving

The LIGHT Party was an exceptional holiday occasion. Lifebit and its industry partners came together for 'Light the night', a celebration of their remarkable accomplishments in 2022. During the event, Lifebit contributed to the noble cause of Action Medical Research for Children by making a donation of over £1,300 to the charity. The festivities featured a diverse range of activities, including captivating speeches by CEO Maria, CTO Pablo, and CBDO Thorben, as well as live performances from The Headliners, a DJ, and a drummer. The party also offered plenty of holiday cheer, with games, music, and prizes to keep everyone entertained.



″Many of you have been working for years to create a world of connected data that can be used to save lives and accelerate drug discovery, bringing precision medicine to life ″

Lifebit CEO, Maria Dunford
18 Leake Lane, Shoreditch, London, EC12 7SB
A short walk from Waterloo station

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