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Transforming the patient journey through precision medicine

Behind the scenes with Lifebit – insights into the future of precision medicine.

Thursday, May 26, 2022 | 12:30 PM BST


Join Lifebit’s Precision Medicine & Human Genetics Lead as she shares her insights on deploying precision medicine at scale. As a former Associate Professor in Personalised Medicine and Genomics at University College London and Great Ormond Street Hospital, Chiara has vast experience in delivering translational genomic medicine programs.

We are thrilled to offer this premier webinar to bring you an exclusive view into the challenges of integrating precision medicine into healthcare systems and lessons learned from population genomic initiatives. Lifebit is delivering federated solutions for population genomics initiatives globally, enabling researchers to harness the power of large-scale clinico-genomic datasets across the globe and deliver precision medicine at scale.

Key points you will learn

○ Why we need precision medicine, understanding the challenges confronting the delivery of precision medicine at scale and how it differs from conventional, evidence-based medicine.
○ Pharmacogenomics: Why patients are not uniformly responsive to a single treatment due to the underrepresentation of genomic data from diverse ethnicities in large clinical studies.
○ Data security and accessibility: The hurdles researchers are seeking to overcome and how they can gain access to this data.

Featuring key experts

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