Lacking access to your data?

Pharmaceutical researchers are hampered by the inability to access the right data and combine datasets at a sufficient scale to maximise translational medical insights.

10+ Years

Drug discovery is a long process, often taking over 10 years to find the right targets

Unusable Data

Data is not standardized and is difficult to access

Limited Insights

Analysis is often limited to pre-configured tools

Unverifiable Insights

Difficult to verify targets without clinical records

Only with the right data, you avoid going from…




Connect to your unused data to find relevant cohorts and obtain novel therapeutic insights
We believe that all data that can be used to cure diseases, should be used.


Enable your researchers to transform data into discoveries


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The Lifebit Experience

Using Lifebit's pioneering federated data catalogue to access data virtually

1. Secure access
to internal data

Manage your data via our ISO 27001 certified, security by design platform.
2. Collaborate across distributed data

Identify diverse cohorts to support and advance key therapeutic areas.
3. Innovate with your data & analysis technology 

Fast track research with large-scale cohorts & advanced analytics to improve patient outcomes.


This platform will play an important part of Boehringer Ingelheim’s broader strategy to capture translational disease insights from large external healthcare biobanks and ultimately to accelerate the development of innovative medicines.

Dr. Jan Nygaard Jensen
Dr. Jan Nygaard JensenS

VP & Global Head of Computational Biology & Digital Sciences

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